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Rector of the Islamic University visits Faculty of Da'awa and Fundamentals of Religion

Main News 12/10/2016 5:15:40 PM 0

Rector  of the Islamic University visits Faculty of Da awa and Fundamentals of Religion

His Excellency the Rector of Islamic University of Medina,  Dr. Hatem bin Hassan Al-Marzouki explained the importance of advocacy and that it reflects the practical side of the message  and Mission of the Islamic University, saying the university Faculty of Da wa of the most important faculties in the university.   

 This came during a visit by His Excellency to the Faculty of Da awa and Fundamentals of Religion at the Islamic University on Sunday 05/03/1438 AH, where he was received by the dean of the college, Dr. Badr bin Muqbil Al-Dhafiri. 

 His Excellency listened to the brief on the departments of the college and checked out the course of action in college s agencies, departments, associations and academic chairs. He also listened to a number of suggestions from faculty members in the academic and administrative development of college. 

 Then His Excellency talked about the importance of Aqeedah (faith/belief) in the life of a Muslim individual, and it is upon which this country, Saudi Arabia, is built and which represents the moderateness and tolerance of the religion of Islam. So, the Department of Aqeedah (Faith) is one of the most important departments since it helps protect from deviation, wherein it becomes incumbent upon us to transform the total output to practical application to demonstrate the efforts of Saudi Arabia in advocacy and service of the religion.

  He also spoke about the importance of the Department of History, especially in Medina, which brings us back to the history of the biography of the hoy prophet (Peace be upon him)  and the method of governance in during his era and the importance of loyalty to the state and to this true faith (Islam), in addition to the importance of a number of studies and applied researches in Medina being it the home of a lot of important historical sites and to clarify the history of the Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

 His Excellency also raised the importance of advocacy training touching on the provision of  a certificate in advocacy work (for preachers) and transferring advocacy into a profession, as well as the possibility of the having a Faculty of Education, Faculty of Islamic Economics and the Faculty of  Law and other Faculty for Communication.

 This meeting was attended by deputy deans of the college, heads of departments and a number of faculty members.