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Administrative Communication Center

Administrative Communication Center

The center provides all the needs of the various managements by providing electronic and paper transactions. It also looks forward to providing a paperless environment where 10% is the current use of paper at the University.

External Inbound Unit

External transactions are received and registered in an integrated electronic system, where a single transaction takes less than a minute from the time of receipt and registration until it reaches the concerned department. The paperwork received by mail will be kept at the Documents and Archives Center, which is dedicated to keeping all types of transactions. This unit also receives the mail addressed to the university s mail.

External Outbound Unit

This unit receives all transactions issued by the university for the purpose of sending them electronically to external bodies such as the Ministry of Education and the Governorate of Madinah Province and some government agencies that have been linked electronically. Registration time takes less than a minute and it is delivered to external bodies electronically.

Mail Unit

This unit receives all papers and transactions meant for outside the university. They are registered in the system and sorted to be delivered to distributors and Saudi Post, which is the last destination for transactions issued by the university.

Customer Service Unit

Customer service is one of the top priorities of the management. The Customer Service Unit responds to all questions related to transactions and their last locations.


 Center for Documentation and Archives

The Center for Documentation and Archives was established in 1418 AH. The center is considered the last destination for all transactions and papers that must retained as each document has a lifetime. The Documents and Archives Center organizes, processes and saves these documents.

Among the activities of the Center

Acquisition of documents in all forms from the departments and units of the university.

Archiving and storing of documents.

Providing the appropriate document when needed.

Spreading awareness among university staff on the importance of documents and preserving them.

Achievements of the Center

Over 20 years old important documents have been archived.

Old transactions have been tabulated and organized.

Director of Documents and Communications Department

Mohammad bin Marzouk As-Sihli


Administrative Flowchart

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About the Management


Exporting and supplying of the university transactions according to a distinguished mechanism.


Efficient administrative communications without papers.

Objectives of the Management:

Continuity in the provision of telecommunications and electronic services.

Continuous development of human capacity.

Achieving the objectives of the National ICT Plan.

Transformation into an information society.

E-business within the electronic government system of which one of its most important goals is achieving a system of electronic archiving

Operations without papers.

Replacing paper-based transactions with a digital one.

Promoting a comprehensive and advanced electronic technology services and solutions.


Address by the Director of the Management.


The Department of Administrative Communications was established with the establishment of the University in 1381 AH.  Everyone knows the importance of management communication management as an effective management based on the axis of the art of modern administrative communication with the use of the most significant modern means of technology that eases procedural work and shortens time, period and effort. We in our management communicate with all university administrative and educational bodies, either directly or indirectly through the receipt and delivery of transactions and postal materials to their final destination.

Our motto is the complete satisfaction of all university staff in terms of our service to them.

Here we are pleased and honored to reach out to you in providing everything you need by choosing one of our means of contact found on this page.

The Management of Communications reports to the General Supervisor of Administrative Affairs.


Core Values

Focused and sincere work.

Confidentiality and secrecy at work.

Speedy completion.

Good treatment and reception of clients.

Taking technical responsibility when the necessary knowledge and skill or adequate training is available.

Taking responsibility and initiative in making the appropriate decision for the public interest.

Providing administrative communication services with sincerity.

Cooperation and mutual respect.

Encouraging continuous education and self-development of workers.

Honesty and realism in the presentation of topics faithfully.


Honour Roll

Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdul Latif Al- Abd Al-Latif

Abdur Rahman bin Humaid Al-Humaid –may Allaah have mercy on him-.

Muhammad Marzouq As-Sihli


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