Deanship of E-learning and Distance Education

Department of Electronic Learning Systems Management

Department of Electronic Learning Systems Management


Introducing the Department:

It is a department specialized in e-learning management systems at the Deanship to help faculty members and students to interact in the educational process, through simultaneous and asynchronous communication, to facilitate their communication and interaction with the systems, in addition to providing the necessary support for the conduct of electronic exams.


Tasks of the Department:

- Executing the required tasks according to the agency plan.

- Identifying the human and programmatic needs of the department.

- Facilitating the tasks of faculty members to follow up their students in their educational path.

- Management of e-learning systems in the Deanship.

- Communicating with the Deanship of Information Technology at the university when there is a need to help in the task of developing or solving a technical problem related to e-learning systems.

- Periodic reporting on system readiness, error rates, and traffic on systems.

- Following up the implementation of tasks, and submit a periodic report on the extent of the completion of the section