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Saudi Digital Library


Welcome to Saudi Digital Library 

The Saudi Digital Library is the largest academic gathering of information resources in the Arab world, with more than 310,000 scientific references, covering all academic disciplines, and continuously updating this content, achieving a huge accumulation of knowledge in the long term. The library has contracted more than 300 international publishers. The library won the Arab Union for Libraries and Information «Ilam» Award for outstanding projects in the Arab world in 2010.

The library provides all Saudi universities with a single umbrella, through which they negotiate with publishers on various legal and financial issues. This saves substantial money and efforts, through the conglomerate under one umbrella, through which it can get more benefits and rights for publishers.

It also provides a digital environment for various Saudi universities, and the research bodies involved with them, and in this environment of benefits and advantages that can not be done by one party, or access to it, and these advantages include:


- One centralized management, which manages this huge content, and constantly updates it. 

- A common exchange of benefit, any university will benefit from what other universities provide in any academic field.

- Strengthening the status of universities when evaluating them, for academic accreditation, through rich and modern sources and published by the best international publishers.

- Bridging the gap between Saudi universities, where emerging universities can get the same service as the major Saudi universities.

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