Deanship of Library Affairs


Code of Conduct in the Library

Code of Conduct in the Library


The visitor must register his name when entering the library and he isn t entitled to refrain from that.

1. Staying calm and maintaining order and abide by the instructions.

2. Handbags and all other types of bags, special items and other items should be left in the designated places at the entrance.

3. It is forbidden to enter with or eat food and drinks inside the library.

4. Putting the mobile phone on silent while inside the library.

5. Commitment to daily prayers with  congregation in time.

6. Please do not sleep or sit in a position that is not appropriate for the library or the student of Knowledge.

7. The library s facilities of furniture and office equipment must be preserved.

8. Commitment to the opening and closing times of the library.

9.  Application and  adherence to Borrowing regulations.

10. Responding to the directives of field supervisors, library staff and security personnel.

11.  using computers and Internet service in what they were not meant for, and may not be used at all in watching movies and surfing social networks and tracking news and other things, this deviates from the purpose for which the devices were meant for.

12. It is forbidden to write comments and footnotes on office materials, and it is forbidden to remove or destroy any part of them, thus exposing those who do so to liability and accountability.

12. Please do not return the book to its place and leave it on the desk as this is the work of the library staff.

13. Do not to try to remove books from the library and not to transfer them from one hall to another.

14. Library officials are entitled at any time to request university identity card or official proof of any visitor to the library.

15. Library officials have the right to remove the beneficiary who does not comply with the regulations and instructions.

16. Failure to comply with the ethics and directives stipulated herein shall be deemed to be a statutory offense and shall be submitted to the disciplinary councils at the University as required by the regulations.

17. The abuse of library staff and security personnel is a major offense that will be raised directly to the President of the University to take necessary action that will ensure the right of employees.

18. whatever the Deanship Council determines and sees as suitable; like Regulations, ethics and instructions to ensure the preservation of morals and the security, safety and comfort of the Deanship and its visitors.