Faculty of Engineering

Participation of The Islamic University of Madinah at International Symposium of Shinshu University COI Center Titled: "Towards the Environmental Era"


The Islamic University of Madinah has participated in the International Symposium of Shinshu University s global aqua innovation center. The university was presented by Abdulrahman AlKassem Dean Faculty of Engineering. Several academic and industrial organizations from Japan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia participated in the event. The cultural office of the Royal Embassy of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Tokyo was actively involved in arranging the participation of the Saudi organization in the event. The key objective of the International Symposium was to introduce novel Japanese technologies in water treatment such as the development and utilization of new RO membrane. The Saudi organizations presented their past and prospective research projects related to water resources and treatment. The key points of the Islamic University of Madinah’s presentation are as follows


    The introduction of the university and its vision, mission, chronology, and achievements. The significance of the university ‘s unique location and the importance of the holy city of Madinah are also highlighted 


 The cultural diversity of the university its scholarship and student benefits


The key research areas of the university and its research plan


 Water-related research at faculty of engineering, technical details, past and prospective research topics, and titles of sample publications


  Water-related research at Faculty of Science, past and prospective research related to membrane utilization and plasma topics in water treatment, and titles of sample publications


In the end, Dr.Abdulrahman highlighted the possible tracks for the collaboration between the Islamic University of Madinah and the Shinshu university such as using  Shinshu (Novel) RO membrane, Cost-benefit analysis for using Novel RO membrane,  Utilization of smart technologies to develop a hybrid treatment system using local materials and Novel Technologies developed at Shinshu University

The possible exchange of researchers, for training and technology transfer, was also discussed


The symposium was concluded by the vice president of the Shinshu University by thanking all the participants