Islamic University of Medina


Organizational Structure of the University





University Senate Secretariat

Deanship of Admission & Registration

University President

Centre for the Service of Sunnah & Prophet s Biography


Student Counselling Centre

Inventory control management

Warehouse Management

University Medical Centre


Deanship of Student Affairs


Academic Chairs Secretariat


Institute of Research & Consulting  Studies


Deanship of Community Service


Guidance & curriculum management

Institutes & High Schools

Institute of Teaching Arabic


University Journal

Academic Council

Deanship of Library Affairs

Deanship of Research

Deanship of Graduate Studies

Scholarship Department

Domestic & International Cooperation Department

Deanship of e-learning & distance education

Deanship of Alumni Affairs

Documents & Archives Centre  

Deanship of Information Tech.

Deanship of Quality & Accreditation

Deanship of Admin & Academic Dev.

Printing Press Management

Public Services andMaintenance Department

Planning and BudgetManagement

Centre for Administrative Communications

Contracts &Procurement Management

Management of Financial Affairs


Management of Faculty & Staff Affairs


Supervisor-General of Administrative & Financial Affairs

Vice Presidency Administration


Vice Presidency Educational Affairs


Vice Presidency Graduate Studies



Vice Presidency Int. Cooperation


Vice Presidency Development

Conference Secretariat

Public Relations Management

Internal auditunit


Financial auditor

Office of the university president

University Office in Jeddah

Investment FundManagement

Legal Department

Media department

Follow up management

Projects management

Secretary / University Senate

University Senate


Organizational Structure of Islamic University